Go Through the Claims Process With Confidence

Go Through the Claims Process With Confidence

Hire the insurance experts at Buildaligned

Dealing with a damaged roof is stressful enough. Don't add additional stress by chasing down your insurance company. Instead, hire a third-party representative at Buildaligned to complete this task. We'll communicate directly with your insurance company to make sure you're getting a fair payout.

Navigating your insurance policy doesn't have to be painful. Make the process easy with help from an insurance specialist. Call now to discuss your needs.

Rebuild your roof with help from an insurance company

It's no secret that insurance companies are out to save as much money as possible. Unfortunately, this means you don't always receive the compensation you deserve.

Since our insurance specialists are aware of these tactics, we'll do everything we can to ensure you receive a fair payout.

Let's get started on your roof repair claim! Call today to schedule your appointment with our insurance specialists.

1. Verify Damage: Call Buildaligned to schedule an in-person free inspection. We will recommend if your property has sustained enough damage to move forward with the claims process.

2. File the Claim: This takes about 10 mins. We file the claim with you because we cannot file it without you and it lets the insurance company know we will be working with you. This also gives us permission to work on the claim with you.

3. Schedule the Adjustment: The Insurance Adjuster will schedule a time to come out to your property. Schedule it and MAKE SURE WE ARE THERE TO MEET THE ADJUSTER. Having us at the initial adjustment is like going to court with a lawyer or getting your taxes done with an accountant: it is always good to have an expert on your side present! We act as another set of eyes and ears for the adjuster and make sure to point out the damage we are seeing If we are not there at the initial adjustment and the roof is denied, it becomes a lot harder to overturn a denial.

4. If the roof is denied: We will give you a recommendation on the next step. Most Homeowners do not know that there are many options still available at this point including Reinspection, Engineers Report, Hiring a Public Adjuster, and Appraisal. We have partners that specialize in all these areas and will give a recommendation on the next appropriate step.

5. If the roof is approved: The insurance company will write an estimate in a third party software (usually Xatimate) that dictates how much the insurance company should pay, and how much contractors should charge. We "price-lock" our pricing for the project according to this software. Usually the insurance company will leave important line items off of the estimate, however we are able to reconcile these oversights though the supplemental process. 99.9% of the time WE DO NOT WRITE AN ESTIMATE. If we try to be 'competative" and quote a lower price
than the insurance, they will keep the difference (not the Homeowner). If we are more expensive, they will not acknowledge it without properly supplementing.

6. Work Order Meeting: We sit down with you to review the insurance estimate and details of the project. This is where we pick out colors, products, talk about any upgrades, scheduled the project, etc.

7. Build Day: Please pardon our dust as we complete your project. Plan on loud noises while the roof is being completed and well as debris and dust around the property. Expect us to clean up well if this is a multiple day project as well as magnet sweeps for nails throughout the project.

8. Supplements and Completion: Any supplements that are needed from the insurance company are recorded throughout the process (before and after the build) and sent with proper documentation and verification to the insurance company. After receiving their final revision of their estimate we
send our final invoice to them and settle up on the project.

9. Referral Program: We offer a $500 referral bonus for every project referred to us.